Monday, August 14, 2017

Technique Handpiece

This is the Technique Handpiece. It's a specialty handpiece that fits flex shaft systems with the standard quick connect design.

It is a quality tool, finely machined in Switzerland. There is a quick change lever, tapered tip, and deep collet. The collet is adjustable, and can be replaced with a few different sizes.

This is my favorite handpiece for working with 1/8 bits. The quick change feature is much better than using a pin/wrench or Jacob chuck. It runs very true, and has less vibration than my Foredom handpieces. Using a pencil grip allows this to be held with the fingers right up against the bit.

The only oddity I noticed, is that at very low RPMs, the tension from the quick change spring causes it to lock up a bit every 180 degrees. This is quickly overcome at about 2000 RPM or so. I usually run at 5-12K RPM, so this is a non-issue.

In this video, I take it apart to adjust the collet, which is a bit of work.

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