Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trauma Shears (Surviveware)

Trauma shears are an important component in any first aid kit.

Life threatening wounds demand urgent care, so it is important to be able to stop bleeding and dress the wound as quickly as possible. These shears cut through fabric with little effort. They make short work of most fabric, including thick denim jeans, canvas, cotton, and the like. They are sturdy, and can take the force of cutting through multiple layers, collars, and other tough spots.

I packed mine into a small first aid kit, which is stored in the front pouch of a backpack, along with bandages, tape, and a tourniquet.

The over all build quality and design is good. The handles allow the index finger to be placed outside of the loops for increased torque if required.

The blades are heavy duty stainless steel, and are reinforced so that they won't break when forced through heavy material. They come oiled, and have a black non-stick coating to preserve the blades during storage.

You can pick up a pair on

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