Monday, June 8, 2015

Being a considerate person while living with others

  • After making use of the restroom and taking notice that the spool is almost empty, be careful to leave 1 or 2 squares for the next person.
  • Never completely consume any product in the home. When dealing with liquids, always leave at least 1/4 cup in the container. When using sliced bread, make sure to remove only center slices, leaving the loaf with two end pieces when finished, because some people really like them. If there are multiples of the same item, take from each so that they deplete at an even rate.
  • When preparing food, simply lay it out on the counter top, and eat in the kitchen. If there are paper plates or paper towels, use a few of these instead to avoid making a mess. This makes doing dishes easier for others.
  • Always use aluminum foil to wrap up leftovers, it is easier to use than plastic wrap. When using the microwave, save on wrap simply by not using it.
  • Wear headphones at all times, so that you don't bother other people, and they don't bother you.
  • Don't waste other people's time by telling them your plans. It's best to go out without interrupting anyone.
  • If you are not sure how to do something, don't bother others, just try to do it yourself. If you cannot accomplish the task, leave it out so that others will see the problem and solve it for you.

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