Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Maps and models :3

I did not post in a while. Anyways, here are a few things made recently:


For Ponyville.Net I created this map, and tons of models. It took a while to put together since it's really big and some of the props are rather detailed. There is a minigame area with 5 game modes players can select for an arena (soccer, arena, free-for-all, dodgeball, bumper cars), as well as a jousting put that allows any player to charge over ramps. There is a boxing arena as well. The minigames are powered by sourcemod. This was an expansion to improve/replace an earlier votemap, so that functionality is there as well. I created a plugin to handle voting and map exclusion earlier today.


This model is based on a character from Freedom Planet. I modeled, painted, and animated him for use in Team Fortress 2, using his pixel art as reference. He has enough animations and blends for each stance so that he animates fairly well all around. He's got a taunt animation as well for his special ability for use in Freak Fortress.


I ported this guy for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, as someone wanted to make a Terminator mod for that game with a 1 Vs. all gameplay. He animates very well considering that he uses only rigid animations. The pistons don't quite work, but I doubt most people will notice.

Trade Unusual

I made this map for the Fire Friendly gaming community. They needed a new trade map. The goal here was to mix both fantasy and TF2 universes to create something new and interesting. The result is this treasure-laden subterranean city. The structures are mostly BSP based, so they don't have too much detail. I did not think that it would be wise to make modeled buildings and then fit each in individually. It is a pain to build assets, create collision, and set lighting in the source engine :3 I hope the next iteration of the engine makes this easier. There are some various props to add interest, such as giant spy/engineer faces leaking magma.

Anyhow, the map is fairly large. There are a decent amount of unique assets and some simple mods running in the background to facilitate trade and events. Some rooms provide privacy for voice and text chat. Also, admins can make the statues come alive by turning them into bots (they are all custom / animated models). Should be interesting to see little spycrabs scurrying about the map pinching people. I had to manually create and edit the navigation mesh, which took some while, as the autogeneration was quite pitiful (as usual). There are also some environmental hazzards which kill people in interesting ways (molten gold -> australium, cold water -> freeze, magma -> disintigrate).

Oh, I also ended up making a new logo for their community.


Anonymous said...

Where are the downloads for Ponyville.net and Trade Supreme?

friagram said...

Those were made for private communities and are not available for use/download here.