Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go/Karts and things


So, I finished up most of the Karts mod. There were some ported tracks on GMOD, so I was able to get those working. The first map now has 8 tracks, which is a pretty decent amount. Since most of them are open and fairly large, there is quite a bit of light data. Seems that this is going to be about the limit of how many circuits I can cram onto a single map, as more causes vrad to crash. I've not created a 3d skybox, but It should be possible to throw some func_brush entities in there and toggle them for each circuit to make each circuit look a bit better later on, right now it's all 2d sky. The rainbow tracks are also fullbright, and don't look too great. The mod is still being developed, even though it is mostly done.
Added sound effects for abilities/events.
Added background music and settings, configurable per circuit.
Fixed ghost powerup so that it steals from other players.
Added ability to auto position items/paths certain distances from the track for better pathfinding.
Fixed resetting players to ideal positions when respawning from death or out of bounds.
Reduced collision size of bananas


Worked with CSGO some to mod it. I've written mods before for it, without having the game -- mostly stats/sql stuff, or other backend tcp stuff like fetching http data. Anyways, it's nice to know that Valve dropped source shared content, so there's even less resources to work with for modding. This is a little annoying, since it means players have to download even more things. Combined with the fact that the game gets pretty unstable as more content is added to downloads / precached, it's even worse. Additionally, the sound system seems to have trouble with compatibility with old mods and needs some special handling to precache sounds and emit them to players. Not a huge problem, but annoying none the less.

The Cat Lady:

How can you go wrong with murder, suicide, the afterlife, psychosis, and cats?

I saw this game on the steam discovery queue thing, and it had tons of positive reviews, thought I didn't know anyone who had actually played it. The artwork looked a bit strange, but again, it had a lot of positive reviews. Anyways, it was on sale for something like $2 so I picked it up. The game is a really is good point and click adventure. The artwork turned out to be pretty decent too, though the animation can be a little odd at times. Probably too odd for some people, but it didn't bother me. The story was pretty entertaining, even though it was completely bizarre at times. At some points it got a bit out of hand, to the point where I began to question what direction it was going in, as I couldn't tell if it was trying to be serious or completely ridiculous.

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