Saturday, December 6, 2014

Team Fortress Kart beta testing

Karts! (beta)

I've temporarily converted our East coast MvM server to a kart beta testing server for this mod. It can be reached here: The mod should be fully functional and free of obvious bugs. Since it's new, there are obviously going to be some minor problems and things that need to get worked on.

  • Carried protection items will only block inbound projectiles from behind, whereas orbiting items will block based on chance. This seems to work fairly well.
  • Fixed a regression bug where players could backtrack and get laps under some specific circumstances.
  • Added player vs player collision. When players bump into other players, they will be knocked away and upwards a bit depending on velocity. This should be less chaotic than the default bumper car mechanics with large numbers of players.
  • Prevented players from moving after hitting box traps.
  • Reset players to start line upon race start to ensure that they are in the proper positions and at zero velocity.
  • Various other small tweaks and bugfixes were added to smooth out game play.

I will be adding more circuits to the next version of the map when I have time or they get commissioned. Many things still need to be developed/worked on:
  • Replace stalemate/round win system with self-contained independent system.
  • Add queuing and player limits.
  • Add battle arena mode with limited lives and alternate power-up selection.
  • Add hud overlays for countdown and victory screens.
  • Add sound effects to all of the abilities.

Noise :(

Okay, so I was informed that there is this super-cool device being sold in Korea called "Wallsound." An overpriced Amazon listing describes it as "Wallsound Bluetooth Speaker For Noisy Neighbors Inter noise, high-output woofers." This is a pretty amazing item to accompany this post. Probably should buy a sub and mount it on a shelf facing upright :3

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