Thursday, December 18, 2014

Human stuff

Okay, so I tried doing some character stuff from scratch, following some tutorials here. I was able to make a base mesh by using some photo references I found here. I had to figure out how to set up image planes in 3ds Max and to get wireframe to play nice with NURMS. It works out OK to use a simple wireframe material with 0% opacity. I didn't play around with it too much, but I could not find a way to directly select geometry from the model via the isoline display. I had to use the cage, which is a little inconvenient. Also, with symmetry on... the subdivisions are all visible regardless of isoline display. Anyhow, I was able to get a decent figure out of it, which I could bring into mudbox after unwrapping it.

I'm going to need to study a lot of anatomy and get the hang of mudbox's tools and hotkeys. The program is pretty easy to use, but I ran into a bug where half of my tools stopped working properly, with pinch, wax, and many others moving faces in unpredictable directions. Only the foamy brush and grab seemed unaffected. Well, mostly, it still went off into a weird direction. Probably it's the way in which those tools work off of the normals, and something is wrong with the mesh. Oh well. I didn't touch the face, I was just trying to get some basic structure in there. If I can't get things like pinch working. I tried to re-import the base mesh as an OBJ instead of using send to mudbox, but the same thing happens, even when I modify it. Strangely it doesn't happen with other models. I'll just make a new one later, need the practice anyways.

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