Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ragnaros, Mann Brothers

So I noticed while making a standalone deathrun plugin for someone that there was a Ragnaros motivator. Ragnaros is a pretty cool character, being the first really big/hard boss in WoW. Anyways, I rigged him to a demo and made him into a boss for Freak Fortress 2. Also animated his vortex to rotate, and gave it alternating texture scroll proxies to make the smoke and fire move around a bit more.
He is a pretty simple boss. He has teleport, and for his rage, he knocks everyone up into the air and sets them on fire, while tinting the fog orange. Every few hits he will cast a fireball on the person he strikes. Also, people who attack him at close range are set on fire for a short time.

The Mann brothers were added last year, but they were just emaciated corpses shoved into mining carts as static props. I took the head and hand pieces, straightened them out, and attached them to the spy. I had to reform the collar and cuffs a bit, but it was not much work at all. The zombie material from the previous year matched them just fine, so I used that. It even had a stab wound for me to insert the knife in their back. Since the materials did not have spy cloaking proxies, I had to make some for that, but the textures are still internal. I was able to bodygroup the hat so that players can equip wearables on them. However, the baked ambient occlusion on the head can look a bit odd. Also, the head is a bit larger in the back than the standard spy, so it clips with some hats... not too badly though. I might go back in later and clean up the texture and AO, but I'm not sure it's really needed. They're more of just a halloween thing anyways for players to have fun with. I'll make a Freak Fortress 2 boss out of them later, when I have time.

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