Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Freaks

Added 2 more bosses to the 2014 community Halloween boss pack, you can find more information here.

This zombie is from Half Life 2. I planned on making some Head Crab AI, but there just is no bot AI or appropriate entities, in Team Fortress 2, so I had to scrap that. I suppose some simple roomba type AI would have been possible, but I didn't want to bother. It would not really be practical in multiplayer, and would more often than not just lead to head crabs getting stuck in odd areas and failing to latch onto people where they should be able to. Anyways... now he just spawns a lot of zombies when he kills people or uses his abilities. Lots of zombies is always fun anyhow, right? Since everyone gets critical hits in FF2, they die in one or 2 shots, so it should be OK. Gave him some cheesy yellow blood too.

Pretty sure this guy is the boogieman from Nightmare Before Christmas. His UV maps are a mess, as is his model. But you know, you can only do so much stitching a sack of potatoes to the skeleton of a man. His legs stretch a little bit when he crouches, as does his midsection in some poses. I don't think anyone will really notice or care too much, as It is not noticeable when he is using melee animation sets. I made him spawn saw blades for his main ability. He also has the ability to throw smaller saw projectiles that cut through multiple people. Hard to be creative with this guy.

The Metro Police was always my favorite NPC in the Half Life series. They were faceless, abundant, expendable, and complete asses. I had always meant to convert him, but never got around to it. RavensBro was nice enough to go and find the time to do it. Like usual, he did a really good job rigging him. In the game, they were notorious for running around and beating the hell out of everyone. The guys with the stun batons were the best, because they would beat the crap out of everything--especially people down on the ground writhing in pain. I remember mention of there being a beat-down quota to be met, so I built that into the boss. The stun baton randomly sparks, but when the boss scores a critical hit, it lights up, sparks, and stuns the player (minus the critical damage). After 10 or so stuns, he gets a beat-down hit, which stuns everyone around him for a short period. When he activates his ability, all of his attacks are forced crits for a few seconds and he gets a free beat-down activation on his next hit. It probably doesn't sound like much, but it is very frustrating getting beaten to death while you can't do anything about it in that game. It's also hilarious to do as a hale, when you beat down his medic right in front of him. Oh, the stun goes through immunity effects, so you can keep beating on them until the effect runs out.

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