Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Boss Mods!

Last year we had some fun releasing some community bosses. This year, we're trying to release a few more. The other day I released two, the Grey Alien, and the Mummy, you can find them on my google drive, or visit the AlliedModders thread here.

Ravensbro made the models, I wrote the abilities.
2 are completed so far, here they are. They will need some testing/tuning.
Also, please let us know if they work on various versions of ff2. I use the 1.06 base.
The plugin is modular so, you should not have too much problem editing it anyways, or moving them to VSH.

Grey Alien

Scout / hits people with his bat thing.

Alt-Fire: Charge Teleport, short cooldown, fast charge
Duck: Weigh down
Rage: Stun Sentrygun, Abduction:

  • Spawns random beams around him.
  • Players that touch the beams are stunned and levitated upward
  • Players take damage as they move upward, more the higher they go
  • Players that reach the top are dissolved (if map geometry permits)

Egypt Mummy

Soldier, shovel.
Alt-Fire: Charge brave jump.
Duck: Weigh down
Rage: Stun Sentrygun, Stun, Amplify Curse:

  • Curse damage is increased for a short time

Passive: Curse of the Mummy:

  • Players are slowed when entering the boss's aura, effect based on proximity.
  • Players are damaged when entering the boss's aura, effect based on proximity.
  • Players are shrunk over time when entering the boss's aura.
  • After being shrunk to the maximum level, the boss can trample them.


I also worked on this Flutterbat model for Raini's community. It was started by Jug. He did a good job on the hair and also the wings, as they even have custom animations for airwalk. Anyways I was tasked with making the model look more feminine, fixing the eye tracking, attachment points, textures, boneweights, etc. I had to reform a bunch of the topology, as the original model was pretty chunky had weird edge loops, and did not use finely blended weights. One of the goals was to make the model have the look and proportions of a particular style, with large tapering limbs, small body, but not too humanoid, sexualized, or masculine. This is very hard for a number of reasons already, but on top of that, it was using the spy's bones.. so even more difficult, since the suit masks any good animation in the stomach/breast/wrist/shoulder area. Anyways, I think it turned out Okay, despite it not having quite as large of limbs as desired. May go back in and fix it up later.


Draken Scratch said...

Any chance on making a bat version of the medic?

friagram said...

I was not planning on it

Draken Scratch said...

oh ok

Candy Bacon said...

can we download it?

friagram said...

You can find the boss pack here:

Candy Bacon said...

where can i find it though