Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pokemon, Poni, Trade

So, I finished this trade map for the supreme community, which I had been working on for the past few days. It has some sourcemod features like pictures that randomly change.. A bunch of safe zones.. There are also a few minigames. The boxing arena only allows melee among people inside of it. There is a separate, massive arena that allows players to pick modes (dodgeball, arena, or free for all game modes), as well as an event room where players can play breakaway.

Over the past few days, I also made a few of the quad player models for Raini over at ponyville. She wanted some G1 colored models, and sent me the specifications for Firefly, Surprise, and Twilight. I had no idea what any of this stuff was :3 Since they were mostly reskins, they did not take very long to make. Later, it was requested that I make Redheart and Daring Doo. They took a significantly longer, as I had to make hats and clothing... as well as the textures. The nurse cap was a bit of an annoyance, because I decided to use NURBS to make it fold in on itself like a piece of cloth, which was a bit of a mess. I'm not very good at using those tools yet. Also, since I try to cram all of the UVs into small space, there is some small distortion. I need to find a better way to paint UVs and unwrap. I have a lot of problems using viewport canvas in max with a Wacom tablet. Viewport canvas does not make very crisp lines, and has no handy tools like texture projection. I have tried using photoshop, but it is way too slow. I assume it would be faster if I had a professional graphics card, but I have not. Mudbox is good for painting, but my "send to mudbox" and "send to max" don't work with version 2012, which is what I use for source modeling. Mudbox also does not seem to be able to unwrap models.

Anyhow, I also ended up making several Pokemon characters for Fire's Freak Fortress servers. He provided me with the meshes, which I had to rig/paint/animate/modify.

Mewtwo, being a biped was able to be rigged to sniper without too much work. I had to reform his torso and legs, but he turned out decent. The tail has some problems with jiggle bones. I'll have to go in and fix it later. It kept breaking due to its length and weight. It looks a bit rigid now due to the constraints that have been set. For the boss, I ended up modifying the teleport spell to throw out an energy ball that explodes on impact. For his special ability, he lowers gravity, puts up a shield, and throws everyone back -- damaging them with physics/crush force.

Ditto and Jigglypuff were... something. I ended up using a combination of custom animations and jigglebones to make them animate. It was very hard to decide how to animate Jigglypuff because he is just a ball with arms and legs. I had to make his bones hinge from center of mass, since he has no other joints (ankles/wrists). This makes for somewhat odd movement animations. Since Ditto was about the same size as Jigglypuff, I was able to use the same skeleton for him. Oddly enough, he turned out quite well... I think better than Jigglypuff, even though the bones were not designed for him.

For Jigglypuff's ability, I gave him a song which stuns him while he activates it, and then allows him to move. As he moves, it puts nearby players to sleep and marks them for death. The ragdolls are client-side, but the death mark allows clients to see where the enemies are (sort of). Being a server-side mod, there is only so much you can do. Physics ragdolls forced serverside are not a practical solution.

For Ditto's ability, he has a timer that allows him to transform for a short time. When attacking an enemy, he takes their class and model. While transformed, he appears to be on the enemy team, which is a little confusing. When he activates his ability, he transforms into the closest player and receives a ranged weapon with limited ammo.

Golem was odd. Fire wanted me to use the animations that were included with him, so I had to use that bone structure. It was not too difficult to make a walk cycle, but it seemed a bit odd since his legs were so long... nearly twice that of his model in idle stance! I was able to make it so that when he crouched, he rolled into a ball, and that he crouch-walk used rolling animations. This worked out well when designing the sourcemod component.

For Golem's passive ability, he can crouch to receive reduced damage. This will transform him into a ball, and propel him forward. While he is moving forward, his speed will slowly increase until he reaches top speed, at which point he will become unstoppable. If he crashes into an enemy, he will deal damage and stun them. If he crashes into a wall (or damage-immune player) at high speeds, he will stun himself. For an active ability, he stomps the ground for a few seconds creating an earthquake, dazing nearby players.

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