Monday, July 14, 2014


I messed around with sculptris some. It's pretty cool but not very robust. It's a pain to try to isolate areas, and doesn't seem to have any layer system. Also, even with multiple objects, brushes still hit everything, and symmetry is an all or nothing type deal. It's still cool though. It's easier to use than mudbox, but way more limited. I assume Zbrush is worlds better, but I don't have it. I think I'll stick to max/mudbox since I have both of those.

I didn't really add that much detail here, and it started to get really, really slow. I think it was only at 50k triangles when I started to notice it, and at around 300k it became almost unusable (I couldn't even scale the leave thingies without it crashing). But it's still alpha, and my video card is pretty shit, so those 2 things could be it. Oh, and it's not like I have a 24 core Xeon or anything.

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