Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quadruped & Anthro models updated

Fixed some minor bugs with the quadruped models:

  • Reoriented attachment points to have proper angles (killstreak eyes, etc).
  • Reduced the strafe angle.
  • Added a looped animation for the conga taunt (it's just the dance animation looped).
  • Fixed the right wing clipping into the body during the idle animation.
  • Removed the directx9 dependent detail fire textures.

Added BigDub's latest BigMac model:

  • Reduced material counts by using internal materials, integrated shared materials.

Updated Kassgrein's models:

  • Added attachment points for killstreaks, added all valve bones for bonemerges (canteen, medals, etc).
  • Greatly reduced material count by using internal materials, shared materials, as well as unified/compact texture maps.
  • Twilight: fixed texture maps on hair and tail, fixed mesh errors on hair.
  • Luna: fixed weights on torso, breasts, and knees. Removed wind animation from flex frames.
  • Pinkiepie: changed team colors to use internal materials, removed team coloring from hair.
  • Zecora: fixed texture maps on hair and tail, fixed materials for gold rings.


Draken Scratch said...

I'm not sure if its me or not, but zecora looks like she has derped eyes.

and on a good note you fixed the issues with the ethereal hood so no more stretchy back :)

friagram said...

It's probably because I spread her eyes apart a small amount, so that they would track properly and clamp angles. It's a bit of a problem because the ponies are wall eyed, but people expect them to look straight ahead. There has to be some compromise, so what I did was go for something in the middle. When you look directly at it from the front, the eyes don't exactly look at you (but it's close), from any other angle it should look ok. Also, when it's not focused on you, and looking forward, it should appear so (expecially from the side). If I were to make the eyes focus forward on the target, then they would roll into the skull when she's looking forward or up, which looks even worse.

Ponies are prey animals anyways, their eyes are on the side of their heads, they don't use stereoscopic vision, and they can't even see right down the middle along the nose like we can :3

TravisHodges102 said...

your instructions for applying the fluttershy medic model do not work. i followed them to a T and it doesn't work. I really need some help.

Draken Scratch said...

I've found a another one where twilight's eyes have a glow to them when taunting with a melee weapon and i think the other is triggered from her shooting the smg