Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Naruto / WoT


Pain is from some Naruto game. Fire wanted him for his Freak Fortress. The model was in pretty bad shape when I got it, and the clothes were annoying to skin to the body without clipping with the sniper's bones. He looks okay I guess.

Panzer IV

I think the Panzer IV is from World of Tanks. I made him for Assyrian, who is working on a custom game mode where players can be vehicles. I rigged the turret and gun to track with the player's head movement, and created bonemerge attachments for relevant wearbles (similar to the all-class ponies). This model is also all-class. Unfortunately I could not get the treads to animate. I think it would require some kind of special material proxy or something, and won't work with bones. I got the wheels working however. I tried to get the body to pose like a tank (similar to the MvM robots), but it had issues at some angles. In the end it works best to just block strafing animations.

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