Monday, June 30, 2014

Lunar B5

So, I finally got around to finishing the update I was making to this map. It had been sitting around for several months. Anyways, I made a few new models for it, and expanded some areas to make them more interesting, or have a variety of "fun stuff," most of which is accomplished through sorucemod.

Raini made the skybox and also the ground textures way back when, so I asked her to make some new ones, which I arranged, edited and put in. I also made some normal maps with mudbox. The scale of them is massive :3 I tried making them smaller, but it just looked so bad. The terrain should look much better than the previous version however.

Map Changes:
- Added an observatory on the top of the castle.
- Added plants and stuff to the little garden area.
- Added airlocks, so players can enter space.
- Reworked skybox, added comets.
- Relocated the boss' entrance to the center of the castle.
- Relocated the mini-moon entrance to the spawn carrier.
- Replaced the puddle/wade water in the castle with refracting textures.
- Added lighting to some dark areas, and increased HDR brightness.

Sourcemod stuff:
- Changed the boss, so that it will be slightly more challenging.
- Added a melee-only zone on the mini moon area.
- Added a tauntkill-only zone in the event room.
- Added a black hole inside of the vortex on the space station.
- Added a rocket defense system (rockets will target players that enter the roof of the station).
- Lowered gravity when entering space to a much lower amount than in previous versions.
- Extended the safe zone in the castle to cover the garden.
- Added a safe zone to the observatory.


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