Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Some people were asking for this boss, so I made it. Didn't take too long, as it's based off of the brawl model. However, I still had to modify it tons and make new textures so it would work properly. It's rigged to sniper.

- rage stuns nearby targets, as the stun wears off, targets closest to the hale take damage which is converted to health.
- reload fires a projectile, requires at least 20 rage. More rage does more damage. Targets hit are temporarily blinded.
- when backstabbed, hale will reflect a portion of the damage back to the attacker for a few seconds on the next hit. Damage reflected will not crit.
- future sight is available every 30 seconds after being activated, which will deal damage to invulnerable targets for one hit (can not crit, does reduced damage). It activates automatically when striking a protected enemy.
- teleport to random enemy on charge.

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