Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trade Supreme

I worked on this trade map for the Supreme MVM gaming community. Mostly adding props, changing textures, and adding some elements from the Canterlot and Lunar maps. It's got the basic cave layout from Canterlot, but everything is arranged differently, including the props. Obviously, since the same theme, textures, and props were used.. it looks somewhat similar. That's fine, the props are available to the public anyways, and have been for some time.

One of the biggest problems, was adding nodraw, detail, and all of that good stuff, since the map had 0 optimization. It's still far from perfect, but blah. It's decent I suppose. This is just one of the many areas. I ended up having to make a quick sourcemod plugin to allow some safe zones, boxing arena / taunt kill zones as well.

It's a trade map, so it was pretty boring when I got it. It's still got the square format, but some asymmetry broke it up a bit. The ropes bug out and turn black sometimes, when they should be white. I've no idea what causes that. Probably something weird with the cable shaders.
I also made a functional roulette wheel. It's not perfect, but it works good enough. I doubt anyone actually knows how to play roulette, but it's there. Now, if there was a way to throw chips down there :3

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