Monday, May 5, 2014

Minor Model Updates

So, MvM servers crash a lot due to string table overflows when there are a lot of files on the download table. I've begun minimizing the models, as most of Kass's models use something like 60-70 files each, and getting them down to 10-15, but it takes a long time as I have to remap a lot of the uvs, and make new textures. I'm also trying to make some small improvements/fixes while I'm at it.

Dash scout: added team colors to pants, headset. Added rainbow/illumination to dog tags. Fixed modeling errors in the chest/shirt/belt. Removed lightwarp texture.

Molestia/Celestia: Fixed eye tracking to be more accurate and reliable. Changed the red version to be white, the blue version remains slightly tinted. Fixed the thighs and knees so that they will deform properly when running and crouching. Removed lightwarp texture.

Quadruped ponies: Added forward running (gallop) animation. Added melee weapon idle/swing animations for one hand and two hand weapons. Modified high-five taunt (still can't figure out why the idle high five loop will not trigger). Fixed weight issues under torso/legs, and some minor shading issues in the hind legs and face.

Updated the shared eye textures to fix a minor error in the sclara.

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