Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quads for TF2

So, a long time ago I ported KP's quad models to source, but they weren't animated. However, I only used a few files per model (1-2 textures vs 10+ or whatever was before, and greatly reduced the map sizes). I also used the low polycount version, so that it would be a bit easier on people. Anyways, I finally got around to adding in some animations, which took a while since there are tons of activities for tf2 characters. I borrowed some animations from the GMOD version (taunts actions, crouchwalk, jump, airwalk), and made some new walk cycles, melee attacks, and idle loops. It still needs a bunch of work, but they seem to work for the most part. The wings open when they jump/airwalk (providing they have wings), and they look around. I also made accurate hitboxes/phymesh, so they ragdoll pretty well and have correct hit detection (providing the server has the mod and it's not client-predicted). I've still got to make face flexes, but didn't want to get into that yet since I only know how to do SMD morphs / general emotions, and not the phoneme stuff. Also, the eyes are still  on the old maps, so I didn't bother using proper eye shaders yet :3 However, face flex might not be so great anyways because they are all class, and each class has different flexes. Bonemerge on wearables is horrible, and many will bug out because the bones are not aligned per TF2 Skeleton, and many are just missing... so they should be removed. I did add weapon bones, and wearable bones for backpacks and the like. No team skins... I tried adding a banner flag but it just looked awful. You can test them out here, or just join one of our servers and type /poni. On freak fortress 2 you can use /mm and equip them as normal player models.


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can you give me an ip of a server?

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