Thursday, April 3, 2014

Medic Models Update

The colors on the medic models were not quite right, so it was a bit hard to identify them. I decided to change the textures to more closely resemble Valve's medic.
In the last version some of the textures were a bit mishmashed, and the shoes looked pretty bad on red.
The blue shoes always looked okay on the Fluttershy medic, so I went back to the pink texture for the red version.

Added gloves which aren't that great. Their hands are pretty tiny.. unlike the default medics, which are as thick as his neck. Anyways, doing this allowed me to make the wrist much more rigid, allowing for much better movement.

The hair on each was adjusted. On the Fluttershy model it was reshaped, and made a bit larger in the back, to fill it in at different angles. The jigglebones were also adjusted to allow for more movement. On Cadance, movement was dialed back a bit.

Also, for the Mann Vs. Machine servers, many players commented that the sentry buster had the name "Tom" but it was not in fact tom. So, I found this model on deviantart, and converted it into a player model with rolling animations in place of walking animations. It's pretty silly, but people seem to like it, and it barely took any time to do anyways. It's set to spawn by chance with the regular sentry busters, and has some sound effects that play when it spawns and dies.

Also, I rigged and modified this model for Freak Fortress a while ago. It uses the Soldier's bones. The ball has rolling animations, also using the soldier's bones. Making use of both allows players to change between them with the reload/m3 key while playing.

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