Friday, March 21, 2014


A few days ago, I made a Lich King boss based on a model RavensBro rigged. We had previously designed the boss for someone else, so I didn't want to use any of the code or sounds from that project. I prefer not to use things designed privately for other communities, as it's bad faith. However, models/sounds are pushed to the client, so it's only a matter of time before people re-purpose them for other projects. Anyways... remade the boss for Freak Fortress with some different abilities - he can summon ghouls (which stuns and freezes everyone in blocks of ice), and also heals all active ghouls. By using reload or mouse3, he can sacrifice them to heal, with more ghouls rendering more health. I also added in something similar to void zones, where players leave a circle on the ground when slain, which kills nearby players. When a ghoul kills an enemy, it's awarded with a consumable that allows it to heal, so it looks like they feast :3

Yesterday I found a model of Samus in some Garry's Mod pack. I think it's from Brawl. Anyways, I rigged it to the soldier, mostly because the bison and melee animations were desirable. There were a bunch of textures available, so I used the original, and one that kind of looked like the phazon version (for ubercharge/rage). I also created some walk animations for the morph ball, and added that model in too so that the boss can transform and roll around (reload/mouse3). When in ball form, the boss can drop pipe bombs using attack. In this form, the player's hitbox is very small and can't be hit by sentry guns (I intentionally didn't add a hit-box near bip_pelvis), so I decided to increase damage received by some ratio. There's a charge function for the weapon, that fires when the player releases mouse1. If they morph into a ball when fully charged, it spawns a bunch of bombs. There are a few other minor details like ball jumps and double jumps (I added in some forwards to FF2 to allow for rocket jumping and such). When the boss uses its rage, all bombs become critical, and the blaster rapid fires. All attacks are minicrits.

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