Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dash Scout

K well, this thing has been sitting around for ages, but I don't think anyone really used it, because the body groups didn't work and the eyes were really bad, and the jigglebones always derped out. Anyways, Kassgrein did fix the bone weights on the torso quite a bit. I went in and touched them up a little, so they arn't quite as bad. The shoulders still deform pretty bad, but it's because they are offset so far from the bones. I fixed the eyes, they should work normally. There was an un-used wing-flap animation, that he intended to use in the double-jump animation, that he couldn't get working. Instead he decided to go with jigglebones, which are really floppy and looked bad in my opinion. This also caused the wings to break pretty often. Instead, I cut the frames out of the animation and changed it to be a slop half-flapping animation that always cycles. This is similar in style to how the alicorn wings work on his other models, and the medic models I made. I also clamped the angles on the tail and hair, so it'll stay put and won't wind in on itself and kink.  As far as the body groups go, I fixed them so that they all work properly now. Pieces of the character won't vanish when swapping out models with the model manager, or when equipping hales. Since the model was fairly old, it was also missing a bunch of bones/attachment points (spellbook, mvm flask, killstreak eyes, backpack, etc), which I added in. I always liked the selfillum frensel textures, so I added that to the hair. Anyways, you can find the model on my Google drive under "scoutdash2." If you want viewmodels and items, you can try the old archive here. I've changed some of the model's files to reduce file count and size, to make it more friendly for server distribution.

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