Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fluttershy Medic V3 Update

Updated the medic model to v3. Files are available on google drive:
  • Changed hair to be larger/fuller, and added jiggle-bones.
  • Changed color of hair to be darker so it would look less washed-out on bright/HDR maps.
  • Changed shoes to be team-colored.
  • Changed pants/coat to use color scheme closer to Valve's style. 
Edit: had to tweak the hair last minute so it wouldn't clip in various stances, so it's a bit messed up. Also the red shoes are not good. Will probably change the red shoes to grey, and add team-colored gloves/expand the hair in the back a bit later.


Arkadiusz Nytko said...

Where i can download this ?
this is awesome!

Arkadiusz Nytko said...
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