Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So, a while ago, I wrote a plugin giving bots the ability to use a bunch of custom weapons, including spellbooks... We also gave medics shield barriers, and created abilities for bots to have some special abilities like stuns, knock back, homing projectiles, etc. Now, a lot of it has not been implemented yet, because we have to design new waves, and write all of the configs. Most of the wave design Tindall does, and well. He has been busy with other things..
Like writing his feelings about valve across mountains, or giving bombs to support classes.

On the other hand, I finally resolved some crashing issues with MvM. One was generic, and quite dumb. It seems that using the addcond for bullet/blast/fire protection (vaccinator) on players causes the server to hang randomly when players take damage. OK, nice. Also, having too many sounds/models/stuff on the download table also causes the server to crash (stringtables) because valve doesn't seem to care about fixing it.

Anyhow, now players can go back to doing what they normally do, be that whatever it is.

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