Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Source sdk leaves much to be desired

It is very frustrating trying to rework this model. I moved the pelvis up so that it would be in the correct place, but this created more problems. I figured that I could use rigid weights for the thighs, and let them clip into the pelvis, but this does not work. The spy walks with his inner thigh forward when crouched, so it looks very odd when the hip extends away from the pelvis. If I weigh it normally, it bends badly and divits inward. I'll have to use some combination of the two just right so that it works just for his animations, or only clips a little in that extreme pose.

I was able to fix some of the waist and chest by doing some strange wighting to the lower body, and adding some extra polys. The spy's spine bones angle stuff very strangely, even his suit clips... So skinning a nude model to him, especially a female, is really hard. His wrists are also strange, since he doesn't actually have any (they are in his suit)' so they twist unnaturally in his animations.

I fixed the face flex.. And the normals by retriangulating the model.. And some other stuff.

Oh right, I have to use community made tools to import and export smd and vta files... And compile the model constantly to check it, because valve does not provide good tools. Also, the sdk models are crap, and have mirrored bones, so they don't even work.

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