Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Slight Model Updates

  • Fixed knee clipping in crouched PDA.
  • Relocated torso.
  • Reweighted breasts to fix them being crushed in certain animations.
  • Reweighted pelvis, hips, and torso.
  • Slightly changed wrists and hand positions/weights.
  • Changed tail position.
  • Changed some torso/hip geometry to make more feminine.
  • Adjusted hair to fit the head a bit better.
  • Fixed face flex.


Timmy Rembert said...

this rarity turns pink when used IDK why it does but it does I paste the materials in and boom pink :( HELP

friagram said...

You need to add the materials into the custom folder as well. Make sure you are using the latest version I posted, in some of the earlier ones I forgot to include the lightwarp texture :(