Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rarity Model Fixed

Should be fixed now, re-positioned the hands, and fixed most of the bad weights. Also removed the fire texture from the body/head. Adjusted the jigglebones on the tail, re-weighted the cape. Only thing I noticed is the upper torso gets a tiny bit distorted when using extreme animations (pda crouch looking down, or brutal legend thrust up), but only minor - due to breasts. I'll build a stock model path for people that want to try it clientside.

Edit- looks like the spine where it goes into the tail may be a bit too pronounced, and the tail got moved up accidentally. May have to edit it once I found some other bugs :3 I think the shadows from the body don't cast when cloaking too, but that may be due to some material properties (selfillum or nocull), don't really know. Also, it looks like some of the face flex frames are off a bit, as the morpher fouled up when exporting the VTA file, so, they're a bit rough.. though it's hard to notice.


Flutter Kiki said...

Where would I download this?

friagram said...

All files can be downloads on my google drive, for models, click the models link on the left and follow the instructions. Here's a shortlink:

Unknown said...

I can't get in it required access help me!