Saturday, November 23, 2013

Minor model updates

Trixie, Rarity, and Fluttershy models have been updated. Some face flex emotions were missing/not correctly assigned to the spies, so I gave them some. Also, I (lazily) merged in the newer Halloween bones and attachment points that were recently added. Materials have been changed on the spies to remove the fire tiling from the body (because their UVs are not mapped to cover much area), and also to remove some bad lightwarps, so that the body/heads will get better shading. The shoes and tail color and brightness has been darkened on Fluttershy.


Baine Cooper said...

I have absolutley no idea how the Fluttermedic model works. I am messing around with the textures as well as I can, but no concievable method of ridding myself of the pink and black grid has worked. Please, as an experienced modeler, tell me how to get this model up and working on my TF2.

friagram said...

Q. I have a mod distributed as a .zip. The instructions say to unzip it directly into my game folder. Should I?

Probably not. First, check if the mod you are installing is available in VPK format. If so, then download the VPK and put it into your tf/custom folder.
If the mod you want to use is only available in a .zip format, then unzip it into a subdirectory under the game's custom folder. For example, if the .zip contains custom player models that look like (heaven forbid) ponies, and one of the files is materials/models/player/scout/scout_head.vtf, then you might make a dirctory such as tf/custom/i_love_ponies. You should unzip the mod such that the custom scout head texture ends up at tf/custom/i_love_ponies/materials/models/player/scout/scout_head.vtf.
Don't unzip the .zip directly into the custom folder! Make a subdirectory!
Create a subdirectory in the tf/custom folder. For example, tf/custom/lots_of_custom_stuff
Copy the directory structure under tf into the new directory you created. For example, the files that were in the tf/materials/ folder should end up in tf/custom/lots_of_custom_stuff/materials/.

Baine Cooper said...

But there is no .zip file or VPK file in your Google Drive, at least under the directory searched for the Fluttershy model in. I understand fully how to pack VPKs, and have experimented with each of the applicable textures and materials you have provided in the Fluttershy folder, yet no combination rids the grid.