Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Medic almost done

The model is almost done. I finished making all of the textures (red/blue), etc. I'll need to go over the face flex and see if I can get it working properly. I think on the spies, I didn't add keys for all of their class-specific stuff, so I'll have to do that later. Anyways, I keyed them in for the medic, but they might not all work. I'll have to figure out how faceposer works so I can test it later. Everything else should be done, aside from some minor bugs to fix.. and the tail clipping through the coat (which I have no idea how to fix).


Draken Scratch said...

looks good so far, but the shoes seem a little iffy though

friagram said...

I've since reduced the self-illum on the shoes, and darkened the hair a bit as it was way too bright. I still think Cadance has better colors.