Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trixie Model Complete

Okay, so I finished Trixie as well. Her hat is hidden when she equips a disguise, so that teammates can see the spy-mask over her face, since it's a bit hard to see with the hat. It's hidden here in the preview because, well there's no point. Anyways, to do team colors would be a bit hard for her, since she's normally blue, so I just colored the red version red. Sucks but, best way I could do it without it looking really bad and causing mass confusion. I noticed the cig deforms with the face flex, though it does it so fast nobody will notice most of the time. If it gets to be a big issue, I can detach it and make it static like I did with Rarity, which was noticeable since her cig prop is so large.

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