Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Bosses

I was talking with Ravensbro, and we thought it would be cool to release a Halloween themed boss pack for Freak Fortress 2, so we did. I rigged Predator, Doom, and Ash, as well as wrote the sourcemod component, while Ravensbro rigged Ghost Rider, Hidden, and a bunch of other models I did not have time to make individual scripts for. The other models are posted on the AlliedMods thread.

You can find the latest version posted here There is a post on AlliedMods and a link for GameData

Brave Jump (reload), Weight Down
Cloak (alt-fire):
- Fast drain, entering removes bleed, mark, fire
- Exiting cloak removes weapon attack penalty (can strike instantly from stealth).
Rage: Shoulder cannon locks onto aimed targets and fires homing projectiles.
Vision Modes:
- Normal: all targets emit trails.
- Cloak: black and white, targets do not emit trails.
- Rage: targets do not emit trails, all targets are marked by crosshairs, nearby targets are revealed through walls.
Trophy Collector: - All slain targets will drop their skull as a trophy, collecting this will instantly add stealth to your meter.
Brave Jump, Weight Down
Item pickups spawn randomly above health/ammo kit spawns for him:
Shotgun -> shotgun with preset tf2 attribs
Rocket Launcher -> rl with preset tf2 attribs
Berserk -> stripped to melee, addcond crits && quick fix
Invulnerability -> addcond ubercharge && quick fix

Once he finds a powerup, a timer will begin to find the next one. If an item isn't picked up for a long time, it will be destroyed, and a new item will be respawned somewhere else.

Also features doom style hud.
Ghost Rider (Ravensbro)
Brave Jump, Weight Down
Rage: Throws flaming skulls.
- If they are in range of players, they will home in on them. When a player is hit by one, they will be set on fire. While the rage is active, all attacks made by the boss will create projectiles (in addition to normal hits). - His head and eyes also get set on fire.
Brave Jump, Weight Down
- Activates his chainsaw.
- All players who touch the blade will be destroyed (including ubercharged/bonked players).
Hidden (Ravensbro)
Brave Jump (reload), Weight Down
Rage: Ubercharged
Active (reload): Attach or detach from wall.
- Looking at a wall and pressing the reload key while not touching the ground will cause the boss to cling to a wall and cloak.
- Attacking from stealth while clinging to a wall will instantly detatch from a wall and attack without penalty.
- Using the invis-watch while attached will detatch and remove cloak normally.
Passive: Outline enemies.

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