Friday, October 11, 2013


So I was asked by Fire to make a PokeMon boss. I was given the mesh, no Idea where it came from. It was a little bit odd because, well there's no clear way to rig it, but I think it turned out OK:

I used the heavy so that he could articulate his left and right hands when fighting (he uses melee fists in the boxing stance). One major problem was positioning. To get the hands in the correct place, I had to lower the body/head, as well as angle it back. Unfortunately the offset of the hands made rigging individual fingers to the Heavy's skeleton impossible. I was however, able to make the mouth and tongue move by skinning it to the lower spine, as well as the brow by using the upper spine. Some movement int he body was accomplished as well with the upper and lower spine.

In order to make it look less prop-like, I created looping animations for the fingers and body/tail.
I was also able to replace his high-noon taunt with the "Halloween" taunt. When coded into freak fortress, this allows the boss to play the Halloween taunt animation (raising his hands in the air) while yelling out "boo" and ghost scare/stunning nearby players.
I was able to make him slightly more ghost-like by giving him an additive ubercharge texture, so he's translucent when he rages (which gives him noclip in addition to invulnerability).
To finish him up, I added some phong/lightwrap to make shadows hit him harder, and make him look a lot more cartoony.

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