Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bad Uvs

Seems that the tiled fire doesn't play so nicely on the ponies with the uvs cut-away. I didn't really want to make clients download 4-8 more files just for that, when I could fit the entire model's map on one image, since they are mostly swatches. I'll probably just remove the tiled fire from the body in the future, as it's not that big of a deal (there are particles anyways in tf2). Maybe when I rework Rarity's tail, after I finish the medic model. Seems that her cigarette clips into the chest too a bit when doing the PDA taunt. This is due to two factors, 1) the body of the character is small/compact, so the cigarette mesh can't hide inside of the chest cavity when it's flicked away, and 2) the cigarette is larger itself, so it pokes out. Regardless, I think it looks much better being that longer style :3

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