Saturday, September 21, 2013

Freak Fortress 2 Models

I finished the Judge Dredd ability pack for Raini a while ago. We've been using the flaming heat-seeker homing arrows from it on our Celestia boss for a little while now. She sent me her Dredd model that Jug had been working on. I got some eye shaders sort of working (they need a bit of tweaks, but the shape/position of those eyes on that thing is really odd). I also created a new phymesh for it so that hitboxes will function better. I also re-weighted the mesh, so that joint deformations would be a lot more natural. The armor and such was clipping into the model, so I weighted it to follow the body.

As a boss, Dredd has 6 unique abilities for his weapon mode, which can be toggled through with reload. When the player activates their rage with the taunt key, they can use the given mode (heat-seeker, armor piercing, high explosive, incendiary, ricochet, standard execution).


Ravensbro worked on the Portal 2 Chell model for me a bit. I reworked all of the bone weights, and got the eye shaders working. The breasts and shoulders were very difficult to get working off of the scout's bones. TF2 characters have very few bones, and they are really not in good positions for female characters. We had to stretch her hands/arms, and shrink her legs to get joints to line up. Because of the valve bone positions, deformations along the back are a bit tricky, as is the collar and arm (thus deforming the shoulders somewhat oddly). I'll have to go in and work on the collar later, but it's good enough for now. At least the breasts keep their shape when the torso moves, and follow the back, which is really hard to do with the cartoony male tf2 bones. Also, the shoulders and arms follow fairly well, which is surprising seeing as how horribly far away some of the mesh is from the bones it's weighted to. I did some quick hue on the textures to give her some team skins, but it's mostly portal textures.

As a boss, Chell gets to use her portal gun. For her rage, she throws out a portal 2 turret. The turret will fire upon enemy players in its line of sight. When the turrets are tipped over, they cry out and lose health, and then explode. Players can also damage them. Chell can also send them through her portals. She can also take her portals, or send enemies through portals, or even telefrag them (providing they are blocking the portal exit when she takes it).

I'll be working on rigging the Predator model to the Spy model, and creating a public plugin for him to release with Ravensbro's Halloween boss pack if time permits.

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