Sunday, September 22, 2013

Arenagate V2

Made some minor changes to Arenagate and worked in some player requested features:

  • Hales will be teleported to some random spots around the central area when they get thrown into the lava pool surrounding outer rim of the map.
  • Reduced the brightness of the lava brought on by HDR texture stuff.
  • Fixed some minor lightmap issues, there's still a few more but they are even more minor.
  • Reduced the stacking damage on the lava pool in the inner area.
  • Lava now damages buildables and props.

I also worked in a q3a style quad damage rune, complete with sound bits and pickup/drop physics. Blue team can't grab it. It multiplies damage by 3, and will add minicrits to the player (brings it up to 4.0). However, if the player also has criticals, they'll get the 3.0 from crits, and the 3.0 from quad, doing 9x normal damage. I'll have to see how this works out. Might not be too bad though, since most criticals in FF2 are forced anyways, so it's already kind of balanced. Right now the buff is on a 1 minute timer, lasts 20 seconds. The buff will continue to count down even if it is dropped, though it can still be picked up.

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