Monday, August 19, 2013

MVM Heroes Sourcemod

Today I wrote the base of the Mann vs. Machine Heroes sourcemod plugin for a server I'll put up soon. It's fairly simple, as it's based on previous works. The plugin makes use of the model management plugin natives I created to work with several other plugins we use, and a bunch of code bits from our Freak Fortress 2 bosses. The idea is to allow players to select a mini-boss to become from a menu (there are different characters available for each class), and then have an active ability which they can use by pressing their taunt button, and a passive ability which will activate automatically under certain conditions. As our other server makes use of 8 players to balance out the harder custom modes (expert, alias, etc.), this mod would allow for a team of 6 to take them on, as players would have more tools to use against the robots.

One problem will be balancing all of the abilities, as I have to adjust the damage, radius, cool-down, and whatnot for each unique effect. There are still a few which I have not come up with yet, so I'll have to do that tomorrow.

One problem is we are lacking a viable spy model for the mod, so for now I have just not programmed a hero for that class :(

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