Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MLP Canterlot A2 SFM

Okay, so I never used SFM before, and do not have a lot of time to make movies. I was not really aware that the older map didn't work too well in it, as nobody had ever brought it up to me. Regardless, it had a bunch of TF2 related elements which I could easily remove.

I had a few problems using the SFM SDK to compile the map, so I had to rip out all of the optimization and viscluster most of the map to get it to compile. For some reason a large quadrant of the map was failing to display entities.

Anyways, he'res my first shot at a SFM friendly version. It has the war elements removed. As well as a bunch of other props. Some materials were converted to make them more easily editable by users, and they are not packed into the map. A chunk of the static props have also been converted to dynamic, so they can be removed/hidden, and the doors have been changed to add open/closed versions.

I uh.. forgot to delete a few of the ponies, but you guys can kill them with ent_fire if need be, there's a text file included to walk you through everything. I'll release a new version in a bit once it's been browsed over by a bunch of people.

Download: MLP Canterlot A2 SFM

Castle front, no more spikes or banners.
Tents. It's a bit empty without the flag or crates, but you can put whatever you want here now.
Ballroom, most props can be removed as they are dynamic now.
Garden / Castle back. Sadly, I don't know how to make the ropes work properly in SFM. Someone help!


Lana Stein said...


Lana Stein said...
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Steve Wade said...

You packed this wrong and it is causing people to install it wrong in SFM.
The .bsp should be inside the 'maps' folder, not out by itself...

friagram said...

This is intentional, as you should read the README file and understand that the map has some limitations, which were present in the early SFM SDK.

You are encouraged to modify the material/texture files, which are not packed into the BSP, as well as generate your own cubemaps if desired.