Friday, May 27, 2011

OSX, The Scanner, and The Stuff to Scan

Well now, I have this fairly old Epson 1260 Photo scanner. It's decent enough for a USB scanner, takes 8.5x11 (A4) sheets, and can do pretty good resolutions. However, there is no 64 bit driver for windows, and I refuse to limit my system's total memory to 4gb. I could install Linux, which I have on my laptop, but then I can't really do anything special, or at least anything that I wouldn't be able to do on windows.

So, I decided to try it in OSX, and amazingly enough, it worked -- well sort of. The preview was fine, but scans were all wavy and interleaved. Updated the driver from apple's software update, and it worked fine again. However, my super-amazing hackintosh was only running 10.6.6, and the update decided to install 10.6.7 (yes, I was not paying attention). This broke my install temporarily... I had to re-enable my Marvell Yukon 2 network driver by editing in the device ID, and also had to boot with pmVersion=21 so that it would not instantly crash at the loading screen. However, apple finally decided to release new drivers for the ATI HD 5000 series cards, so I no longer have to boot with graphics enablers, and get slightly better performance, which is nice. Just need to get HDMI audio working, hopefully that will be easy to do with Voodoo HDA, which is what I use for my on board. Anyhow, I can do most things on OSX now right? Well MS office 2011 is great, so why not Photoshop CS5? OH WAIT IT WILL NO INSTALL REQUIRES A CaSE InSenSITive BOOTABLE INSTALLATION TO INSTALL TO. Seriously lazy programmers over there at adobe. Anyways, It took me a while to back up, reinstall, upgrade, re-hackintosh, and configure the system, but it is once again working, along with CS5. Guess I can use STEAM and some other games that require case insensitive installations now too.

Anyways, after all that I began scanning pictures, and about halfway through I realized that there were streaks and some smudges on the scans. Some of the grease had leaked onto the scanner bed somehow, so I took that apart and cleaned it. I also removed the shroud from the optics, cleaned them, and put that back together. It fixed the problem, but I was not going to take the time to go back and scan everything again. Further looking at the scans shows separation of the RGB channels. Although this can be fixed by adjusting them manually in photoshop, it takes a lot of time, so I only did it for the worst or most obvious cases. In many cases it was easiest just to turn a monochrome image into a b/w by keeping only the clearest RGB color channel.

The scans from 8.5x11 source, some are as old as 10 years old. Anyways, they are publicly available in my Picasa account:

Mostly larger works done in ball point pen, fountain pen, or felt pen. Some color pencil, graphite pencil, Ink, or digital airbrush Small drawings done in margins of papers, or on the back of old computer science printouts, though I shopped most of that stuff out.

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