Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Games

Bulletstorm: great single player, with entertaining storyline and awesome voice acting.
Crysis 2: interesting game mechanics, but horrible storyline, boring gameplay, and terrible ending :(
Portal 2: humorous voice acting, good storyline, and decent multiplayer, but a little too short and easy.
Dragon Age 2: worth a quick playthrough, bot not nearly as good as DA:O, rushed and repetative.
Bioshock 2: decent game, but a little too long and repetative, too similar to original.
Gemini Rue: very surprising story, interesting puzzles, unique low resolution/vintage 2d graphics.
Shogun 2: incredibly complex and detailed strategy game, though difficult to pickup initially.
Bloodline Champions: free to play multiplayer arena game, but pay system makes it hard to learn all heros.

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