Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fixing memory timings

Tried fixing memory timings at the 1600 mhz range, will fiddle with 1866 later. For some reason I just can't get 1866 to work with any settings with voltages under 1.35 anymore, but I am positive that it used to work in the past. Something must have changed with later BIOS revisions on this board.

Temperatures seem decent under stress tests, staying under 75 degrees. Real load applications render much lower temperature profiles.

Automatic settings for timings are generally good except tRAS being set slightly high, and tRFC being set to 80-120 instead of 40-50.

The bios does have a "OC Profile" section that allows me to save like 10 bios snapshots, but it sometimes gets overwritten when updates are applied, so here is for my own reference:

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