Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dragon's Lair

I was looking over some of the many titles I have on the Wii, and stumbled over the Dragon's Lair Trilogy. I remember playing it long ago in some arcade, I think it might have been TILT. I also think I had it for 3DO, but have not played that system in years due to lack of quality titles and incredibly long load times (though it does have a few great titles, like Total Eclipse and Star Control 2). Anyways, Dragon's Lair on the Wii is pretty fun. The graphics are good (wide screen & decent resolution), and the video flows pretty well. It's not anywhere near as choppy as I remember the game being in the past, completely free of pauses between scenes loads. Good thing the death animations are humorous, because the game is virtually impossible to play flawlessly... Well you can turn on the on screen cheat arrows that tell you what buttons to press, but even with that it's still somewhat challenging.

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