Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Laptop

So my Dell E1405 kept having problems:
- Wireless N card causing bluescreen / memory errors
- Bluetooth Module not working
- LCD Back light films degrading and getting crap between them
- Hard drive was making very high pitched whining noise when not being accessed
- They replaced all of the components after 2 trips, probably cost them a lot

Was a 2 ghz core 2 duo with 2 gb memory (1066) and 120 gb HDD, they sent me a new 14r (N4010) with 2.3 ghz i3 with 4 gb (1066) and 300gb HDD. Old one had 56k modem and CF slot that new one does not have, but I never used that. This model does have HDMI output however, which is very useful. The display is also much higher quality, and doesn't have the LED back light bleeding through the bottom.

It's a much nicer laptop than my older one for sure. Only thing that kind of sucks is the locked bios does not allow for many changes. For instance, the memory timings can not be altered, even though the stock memory is designed to run at 685 mhz, and the processor + chipset can handle it, it is running at 533.

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