Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Zelotes C-13 Optical Mouse

This is a basic gaming mouse using an optical (red LED) engine.

It runs up to 3200 dpi, has 2 thumb buttons, and a DPI button.

The Buttons can be configured to do macro or special key presses by using the software, which you can find on the Zelotes CN website here.

The palm has an RGB light that can be set different for each DPI profile.

You can find it on Amazon

60/100w hot glue gun (StarView)

This is a high temperature hot glue gun. It's perfect for medium to large projects.

The high temp glue creates a very strong bond, and the large sticks offer a high capacity.

The 60w setting works fine for small areas and targeted spots, but you can use 100w for large areas, as the higher heat gives you more time to work before the glue hardens.

Be careful when operating this tool, as it can cause moderate to severe burns. This is not your typical 20w crafts gun.

You can find it on Amazon.com

Sunday, November 19, 2017

8.5in LCD doodle pad (NEWYES)

This is a pressure sensitive drawing tablet. It comes with a small double sided stylus and a battery.

There are magnets on the back so that it will hang on the refrigerator. Perfect for taking notes or making lists.

It's quite sensitive, and fairly fluid. Much better than a dry-erase board. The only minor issue I found was that there is a slight inconsistency with the pressure. Sometimes it has little blotches or bleeds, but it is very minor.

You can pick one up on amazon.com

10Ah solar bank (Feelle)

This is a very cool power bank. It has 10Ah of power, a really nice led flashlight, and large 3 solar panel design.

You can detach the panels from the pack easily, which makes it much more compact.

The built quality and materials are quite good. If you do not need a very rugged/waterproof pack, this is a very nice choice

This pack can be found on amazon.com

Wifi AC600 USB adapter 5dbi (Anewish)

This is a Wireless AC600 dongle. Plug and play with windows 10.

It comes with a 5dbi detachable antenna. Gold plated RP-SMA and USB connectors. It has a WPS button.

Uses the Realtek chipset. It connects at a max of 433mbps on 5g, and 150mbps on 2.4g.

I was able to obtain these speeds within 15 feet of the router, with no obstructions.

It's on Amazon.com