Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Some cool gadgets (lighting/power)

AC Power Bank 42000mAh (AIVANT)

This is a really cool tool I found on Amazon. A bit pricey at 220$, but it is a very powerful power bank with a lot of features. You can charge a phone/laptop many times over. I mostly use it places where it's not convenient to run an extension cord to operate small tools, lighting, etc.
Really nice to have for remote work areas, installing / testing exterior equipment (surveillance cameras), etc.

700 Lumen Work Light (Hpory)

Compact work light. It's not as flashy as the more rugged work lights by Dewalt, but it's quite nice for light duty and the home users. The only downside is that it has no weighted base, so it can't stand up on its own. I'm a huge fan of devices that come with integrated rechargeable batteries. With L-ION batteries becoming so cheap, it's getting really easy to find devices powered this way.

And even more rechargeable work lights (headlamps):

These two are very different, but both really cool. They come with batteries, and recharge off of a 5v USB to barrel connector cable, so it's always easy to find a way to keep them running.
The Street Cat lamp is unique in that it has no external battery pack, making it super lightweight. This is really nice to see on a headlamp, as it's quite comfortable to wear, and takes up almost no space. Even better, is that you can remove the straps and fasten it directly to a work hat, giving easy access to lighting.

The Cobiz lamp has 1 zoom LED, and 2x aux LEDs. It's crazy powerful, running off of 2x massive L-ION batteries, so it has a bit of weight to it. That extra power means that it's got around 2-3x more light than similar lamps powered by AA or AAA batteries.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Technique Handpiece

This is the Technique Handpiece. It's a specialty handpiece that fits flex shaft systems with the standard quick connect design.

It is a quality tool, finely machined in Switzerland. There is a quick change lever, tapered tip, and deep collet. The collet is adjustable, and can be replaced with a few different sizes.

This is my favorite handpiece for working with 1/8 bits. The quick change feature is much better than using a pin/wrench or Jacob chuck. It runs very true, and has less vibration than my Foredom handpieces. Using a pencil grip allows this to be held with the fingers right up against the bit.

The only oddity I noticed, is that at very low RPMs, the tension from the quick change spring causes it to lock up a bit every 180 degrees. This is quickly overcome at about 2000 RPM or so. I usually run at 5-12K RPM, so this is a non-issue.

In this video, I take it apart to adjust the collet, which is a bit of work.

Friday, August 11, 2017

LE Head Lamp with zoom/focus

Good hobby light from It was just under 10$. Works fine for doing detail work, as the beam can be focused to a small spot, which makes it really easy to see into tight spots like cylindrical barrels and the like.

For some reason it doesn't have padding on the front side that touches the foreheads. I ended up just cutting a piece of foam and gluing it on there.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hobby/Craft tools

What tools do you use to work on your small projects?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Electrical wire tools

Single action wire strippers, and ratcheting crimpers. Both are very easy to use, and help out a lot if you are doing repetitive actions on the bench. If you have repeated stress injury in your hand(s), these type tools are must have.